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How to look younger than your age

How to look younger than your age

Growing up, we’ve always wanted to look older, feel older, be older than how we actually are. Remember those times? Now we are older and it’s not what we thought it would be. I’m sure most of us would give anything to look, feel and even be younger. Right?

This is where I come in, I can help you look and feel younger. To be younger? You’ll need a time machine for that. Let me know when you’ve gotten one.

Anyway, how to look and feel younger? Here goes.

Smile, Be Happy.

Advocates for African American Elders (AAAE)

Except you like looking like a gremlin. No offence to gremlins, but you should smile more. It’ll make you look younger. People who smile more have a general youthful appearance. Grumpy people look older, fact. You should also try to be happier. Do things that you love, that make you happy. Being productive in your work, life will make you feel more fulfilled and happy.

Happiness can boost overall health and in turn make you feel younger.

Watch What and How You Eat

Do you know, just by watching what you eat, you can boost your overall health and extend your lifespan by decades? Need I say more? Okay okay, I will.

We know how important food is, we eat to survive and gain energy. But some foods are killing us. Processed foods, processed sugars, fried food etc are detrimental to our overall health and can make us look far older.

Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants that help our skin glow and a whole host of health helpful substances that can make us look younger in the long run. These fruits and vegetables can also be used as desserts to replace foods with processed sugars like ice cream.

Fermented foods can improve our healthy gut bacteria that feed on sugars and starch creating B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, enzymes etc. Fermented foods can increase the level of vitamins A and C. Some fermented foods can boost the immune system, aid digestion and even contain cancer-fighting properties.

Seafood should be incorporated into the diet as much as possible. They contain unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the health and also contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

We should avoid eating in a hurry as we might not pay attention to food sizes. We should also try to steam more than fry. These lead to obesity which in turn can cause lots of health problems. Eating well can boost our immune system and by extension our appearance.


Not underplaying the role of exercise in boosting metabolism, fighting obesity, getting rid of fat in all the wrong places ( does neck fat make you look young?), and improving overall health, which is awesome in its own right, exercise also helps in correcting one of the most obvious signs of old age, which is incorrect posture like being hunched up and changes in gait.

If hitting the gym is too much for you, You can also take walks, appreciate nature in the process.

Managing Stress

It is no lie that navigating the world, our day to day lives is stressful. This stress takes a toll on how we look and how we feel. It stands to reason that being able to manage this stress will therefore help with our mental health and our overall appearance. So how do we manage this stress?

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Meditation helps, exercise works too. Don’t forget vacationing, doing things that make you happy and taking those walks we advised earlier. 

Taking regular naps and sleeping the right amount of hours can also help alleviate stress. In fact, sleep helps the brain remove accumulated toxins, which can cause ageing. For more information on how lack of sleep can kill you, see [Why we should sleep more]

Regular social gatherings, that is, hanging out, can help slow mental ageing too, and cause happiness which in turn will cause, you guessed it, a younger appearance.

Regular Checkups

Your inner workings can’t be in disarray and you expect to feel good or your outer workings to look good. It’s the equivalent of old wine in new wineskins, it won’t work. From time to time, go see a doctor, make sure your body is in good working condition. Only then, can you feel as good as you want and look as young as you want. 

It is being said that you only look as old as you feel, if you have been feeling 45 lately, and you are not remotely close to that age these tips are for you. Even if you are, you can be 45 and feel 25. Don’t take my word for it, try them out and see. 

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