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Joke Silva speaks on Olu Jacobs’ health, says he has Dementia

Joke Silva speaks on Olu Jacobs’ health, says he has Dementia

Joke Silva, a veteran actress who is married to Olu Jacobs has finally opened up concerning the health of her husband. 

Jacobs who is also a veteran actor has been off movie screens for some time now though he was seen publicly at the Africa International Film Festival Awards (AFRIFF), where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

In a recent interview, Joke disclosed that her husband has been struggling with dementia with Lewy Bodies for a couple of years. 

This ailment, also called Lewy Bodies Dementia (LBD) is a progressive ailment where protein gets deposited in the brain. These deposits of protein are the so-called Lewy Bodies.

The cause of these deposits isn’t clear, so the method of prevention isn’t known. There is also no treatment for LBD, only the symptoms can be managed. 

The symptoms include motor problems, cognitive and memory issues, hallucinations, behavioural problems and variations in alertness and attention. 

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This is the first time Mrs Silva is speaking publicly about the health of her husband. She also spoke about how hard it is on him, as he cannot understand what’s going on and the toll it has taken on the family.

As she talks about how she misses the old him and all the times they’ve worked together, we can’t help but sympathise and pray for strength for them. 

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