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Tips on Having a Healthy Christmas (Detty December)

Tips on Having a Healthy Christmas (Detty December)

‘Tis that time of the year, again. I bring you glad tidings and dire warnings. After a long and weary year, we unwind with decadence and mirth. We eat, we drink, we indulge. Lend me your ear o ye loved ones, for these secrets I’m about to divulge, will help you tonnes!

So, we all know that Decembers are for festivities and taking stock of how our year has gone. Good or bad, we tend to let ourselves go, no holds barred, with the intention of not worrying until the new year commences. Bad idea!

I think you should hold some bars. You’ll thank me later. Except you want to come out of the “detty” feeling worse than you came in.

So, I implore you, friends and loved ones, heed my warnings. These tips will bring you good cheer and guide you into the new year.

Don’t overindulge

Asking anyone not to indulge this holiday is like asking a child not to love candy. It’s not what I’m asking you to do, I’m asking you not to overdo it.

Let me get specific. Eat, but watch how you eat. You are aware there’ll be assorted delicacies, from friends, extended families, different parties etc. Be disciplined. We all know our limits. You must not eat everything, except you are an aspiring sumo wrestler, and you want to get there in one month.

Drink, but again, watch how you drink. You are not a brewery. Don’t rack up a lifetime’s worth of liver problems in a month. Have a plan and stick to it. You can drink water in between your sips of alcohol. Don’t drink and lose control over your senses, we’ve seen too much of that these days. A word they say is enough…

I’d also like you to watch what you eat and drink too. It would really help your overall health if you can set limits on the types of food you eat, the type of drink you take. For example, avoiding trans fat would do wonders for your health(kindly insert fat article here). Replacing spirits with red wine is a step in the right direction. (Read: Does alcohol really have health benefits?)

Stay active

Exercise. Move more. It helps to burn off those extra calories gotten from all the eating and drinking. Find ways to make it fun. Remember exercise is good for relieving stress, has an overall good effect on the brain and the heart. You’ll feel good, even into the new year.


Drink water regularly. Try not to confuse dehydration with hunger too. The more water you drink before and during a meal, the less food you’ll eat. Water is good for the removal of toxins and for that skin glow you need during the holidays.
Ps: Winter, sorry, harmattan is coming.

Take care of your skin. Especially if you are in Africa. As there’ll be much cold and dust, your skin will look horrible if you don’t pay attention to it. (Read: Skin Hack: How to Care for the Skin During Harmattan)


Between cooking, visiting, partying, hosting and all the activities the holidays bring, it is not surprising that most people forget to rest. You should, to relieve stress. As stress has degrading effects on the brain and overall health.
Sleep too, and avoid irregular sleep patterns. Don’t forget the holidays are for rest too. (Read: WHY YOU SHOULD SLEEP MORE)

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Observe COVID-19 guidelines

Protect yourself against infection at all times, especially now that there is a new possibly more infectious variant (Omicron) of COVID-19 on the horizon. (Read: Three confirmed cases of Omicron Variant in Nigeria) Wash your hands regularly, wear your nose mask and avoid crowded spaces.

Have fun

You should enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Even if the year wasn’t as good as you hoped it’d be, for this month, take a break, have fun and try again next year.

Don’t forget to try and put a smile on another person’s face, it helps fight depression and it’s another way you can enjoy yourself, albeit vicariously.

Most people start a new year feeling depressed and lethargic. This is usually because they spent all their energy trying to detty the December. Adhering to these tips will not only fill you with more energy but will let you have fun in such a way that the new year doesn’t get depressing.

I wish you happy holidays.

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