About us

Federal character’s founder – Etcetera Ejikeme, Launched the company in October 2020 based on his belief that media is no longer what it used to be. It is broken, and too often corrupt. 
Stories/Articles take too long to get to the point. Websites are a stinking mess with too many pop-up nonsense for short-term buzz and money. Readers are getting duped with headlines and too many unnecessary clicks. Advertisers don’t get the quality attention their products deserve.

No editorial page. No time for partisan opinion. Our reason: There is too much noise out there already.

Our job:  To sort through it.
In keeping pace with minute by minute unfolding events, other platforms choose to jump on every jargon on social media. Federal Character employees refrain from partisan positions on social media and in public forums. It is one small but worthy step we can take to gain and keep trust. 

As demographics show we are becoming an even more diverse nation, bringing both challenges and opportunities, we have positioned Federal Character to provide the… most VIVID, most INTELLIGENT, most EFFICIENT, and TRUSTWORTHY experience for audience and advertisers alike.  


We believe that truth and facts still exist and must be highlighted and unashamedly defended on our platform.
With efficiency. And no BS
We are Federal Character without bad manners.