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2023 Presidency: Atiku please read the Handwriting on the Wall

2023 Presidency: Atiku please read the Handwriting on the Wall

“Quitters never win, winners never quit” is a popular axiom that has outlived its originator, as it has continued to be a statement of reference for motivational speakers and individuals whose dreams are taking long to become a reality.

True to the axiom, many people have achieved their age-long ambition simply because of their doggedness, tenacity and resoluteness to pursue their dreams to a point of success, simply because they refused to quit.

The sitting Nigerian President, Muhammad Buhari is a reference point to the truism of the popular qoute, considering his consistency and die-hard spirit while gunning for the presidential position since 2003.

President Buhari whose tenacity eventually paid off in 2015 was known to be a serial contestant for the top job under his self-created political party, CPC. While he kept his presidential ambition intact, he changed his modus operandi in 2014 by forming a coalition with other opposition parties which consequently gave birth to All Progressive Congress, APC that eventually wrestled power from the stronghold of PDP in 2015.

Apart from his appellation of being a man of integrity and an anti-corruptionist, the world applauded Muhammadu Buhari for not giving up on his dream. Afterall, “na who give up fuck up’.

Meanwhile, another political entity that’s trailing the path of “Quitters never win, winners never quit” is former vice president and multiple times presidential contestant, Atiku Abubakar who seems to be giving it whatever it takes to clinch the highly-coveted seat in Aso Rock.

A timeline of Atiku Abubakar presidential journey goes like this:

  1. In 1993, Atiku Abubakar contested the presidential primary election under the umbrella of the Social Democratic Party, he lost the ticket to Moshood Abiola and Baba Gana Kingibe.
  2. In 2007, he contested the presidential election as the candidate of Action Congress, an election he came third to Umar Musa Yar’Adua of PDP and Muhammadu Buhari of CPC
  3. He defected back to PDP to contest the presidential primaries in 2011, but lost the ticket to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
  4. Joining the newly created All Progressive Congress in 2014, Atiku Abubakar contested the presidential primaries election which he lost to Muhammadu Buhari.
  5. As usual, he rejoined PDP where the competition wasn’t fierce and emerged as the major opposition party flag bearer in the 2019 presidential election, losing to President Muhammadu Buhari of the ruling party.

Yet again, Atiku Abubakar has indirectly expressed his intention to run for the presidency in 2023 as his major contender from the North, President Buhari, will be taking a bow from the political corridor in 2023 and retire to Daura to face his agricultural career.

He was seen in a cryptic video that surfaced online last year where he was being beseeched by a young man to run for the presidency. While the young man in kaftan reeled out words of persuasion, Atiku Abubakar gleefully smiled at the video camera.

Rather than describing Atiku Abubakar as the new “winner that has refused to quit”, it is safe to urge him to read the handwriting on the wall that Nigerians are not yearning for his presidency. Atiku Abubakar should read the handwriting on the wall that political parties that he chose to join will never reject him simply because they need his financial muscle to survive for the time being. From all indications, Atiku Abubakar will emerge as the PDP presidential flag bearer in 2023, as there seems to be nobody who can match him financially.

Political parties’ primary elections are a game of money-play. Atiku Abubakar has the financial muscle to swing the primary election in his favour. However, the general election keeps taunting his financial power every four years.

It is no gainsaying that Nigerian politics is a game of numbers, and APC remains the party with the largest political supporters in Nigeria. Atiku Abubakar has been politically unlucky and the chance of him winning the presidential election in 2023 continues to get slimmer everyday with the clamour for a president from the South.

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Apart from the rhetorics of Igbo presidency posing a threat to a presidential candidate of northern extraction, Nigerians are beaming their Searchlight for the next president to the southern region. Meanwhile, if there seems to be no new face in the presidential race, the presidential ambition of the likes of Bola Tinubu, Yemi Osibanjo will arguably knock the presidential dream of Atiku Abubakar out of the way.

Asiwaju Tinubu

If truly Atiku Abubakar means well for Nigeria and not chasing personal aggrandizement as purported by his critics, he should read the handwriting on the wall that Nigerians want to move away from recycling old politicians; and financially and politically support a young Nigerian for the position. His endorsement and financial support of a youthful president will earn him more goodwill than whatever programs and policies might be locking in his head (if he has any) to move Nigeria forward.

Atiku Abubakar should read the handwriting on the wall and stop pretending not to know that those pushing him to run for the presidential position are money-sucking parasites that want to rip him of his monetary value rather than wanting the best for him or Nigeria.

“Ambition is beautiful. Over-ambition, however, can be toxic, selfish and destructive. This is not exclusive to women, men have centuries of war and decadence to show for it. Unhinged ambition clouds the mind and leaves no room for human emotions or sentiments like empathy, peace, introspection, kindness et al.”— Joy Isi Bewaji

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