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A look at the best Instagram Fashion last week

A look at the best Instagram Fashion last week

When you get confused on what to wear to an event or to work, it is okay to steal a page from your favorite celebrity closet. I mean, they are styled by top fashion stylists and designers right? 

The past week on Instagram felt almost like a fashion show, every page I turned screamed elegance, sexiness and glamour.

Below are a few elegant looks shared on Instagram by your fav celebs:


The Uber-talented actress celebrated her 30th birthday with a wonderland themed party. It was icy, glittery and dreamy. The actress was seen in a sparkly Gray jumpsuit, paired with icy shoes and shiny jewelry pieces. 

I think she looked like a Disney princess, minus the hair. What do you think? 


If she isn’t on any best dressed list, check well, there is a problem. Known for her daring and bold fashion statements, the media personality received praises on her Kim Kardashian cat suit recreation. 

I think it looked better than the original as she paired hers with a blush pink wrap around her waist and accessorized with drop earrings and aviator sunshades. 


The Gen – Z queen herself always represents. Ayra is very expressive with her fashion statements. Her bold and fearless charisma when it comes to fashion needs to be studied. 

The artist was recently featured in wonderland’s winter 21 issue styled in 5 different fashion pieces. But this look caught our eye and it expresses everything she represents. 

I think she looks great, but my mum thinks she needs a big fur jacket 😂 well, what do you think? 


Ini knows her fashion onions and expresses them well. The simplicity of this 2 piece just melts my heart. 

I can wear this to my court wedding, I think it’s perfect. What are your thoughts? 

5. CEE – C 

Cee – C is known for her buzz worthy fashion statements. She might not be regular but when she represents, she gets us on our toes. 

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The media personality shined in a metallic catsuit styled by Medlin boss.

This outfit just reminds me of every action movie I have watched and cee-c would pull out a gun soon. 

It is simply iconic. Where would you rock this too? 


Have you watched the Winx animation? Ini Edo looks like one of the fairy from the movie, and she looked really hot! 

Is there any fave of yours you think needs to be on this list but is not here? Share with us in the comment section below! 

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