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CAN, Dogara, and others cast doubt on the 2023 elections

CAN, Dogara, and others cast doubt on the 2023 elections

On Wednesday, prominent Nigerians, Christian political figures, and the Christian Association of Nigeria expressed concern that the country’s destiny would either be made or broken by the presidential election scheduled for February 25, 2022. They include Samson Ayokunle, the departing President of CAN, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, the Senator for Adamawa North District in the National Assembly, Elisha Ishaku Abbo, and the heads of numerous Christian groups and religions. Additionally, they criticized the APC for putting forth a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the 2023 election, calling it “reprehensible and ungodly.” They made these remarks at a symposium on Nigeria’s leadership crisis, which was held in Abuja as part of celebrations for the 12th General Assembly of CAN and the ceremony for the leadership transition with the theme “The role of the Church in times like this.” 

In order to prevent polarizing the nation, the clerics and politicians appealed to crucial stakeholders, especially Christian women and youth, to make sure that Nigeria’s next leader is someone who upholds the values of justice, righteousness, and inclusivity as well as respects the inherent diversity of the nation. The 2023 election, according to Senator Abbo, will make or break Nigeria, particularly for Christians and anybody who cares about and appreciates the country’s unity. He bemoaned the rising level of insecurity in the nation, warning that it might not make it through the following eight years without determined efforts to save it. He asserts that the nation is still held together only by God’s mercy and the ongoing prayers performed at the many places of worship. 

In order to achieve a favorable change in the nation’s affairs, he urged CAN to fully activate its structures and networks before the 2023 elections, claiming that the top Christian organization already owned the most developed and organized structures in this country. According to Dogara, many of the people in charge of the country’s leadership were failing to act in the best interests of the nation, which was experiencing shame, dishonor, and condemnation on numerous fronts. He asserted that in his opinion, the Almighty’s stance on the rejection of the same-faith ticket is likewise the same as CAN. “So, CAN’s stance is the position of all of us (Christian political leaders) who love righteousness, justice as well as diversity and are working to harness these for the advancement of this country.” 

Ayokunle questioned if the Independent National Electoral Commission would be able to hold an open election in 2023. 

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He said that INEC isn’t prepared for credible elections as he had reported his move from his old home to a new one in the same town to INEC last year, but the commission has not yet made any changes in my voting unit. “I went again in February this year and was told that approval has to be given from the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja. Is Abuja in heaven? 

He stated that many Nigerians believe that this is only a scheme by INEC to deny the right to vote to eligible people.  Adding that INEC shouldn’t stand in the way of us holding credible elections in 2023.

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