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Common Causes Of Headache

Common Causes Of Headache

Headaches are the most common form of pain. Almost every adult knows the nagging pain a headache gives.

For most people, a dose or two of painkiller drugs is swallowed every day like it’s part of their diet.

We tend to expect headaches rather than prevent them. 

How do I prevent a headache? You may ask.

Well, one easy way of preventing headaches is to avoid the causes in the first place. 

The most common causes of headache 


Stress which is an undeniable part of modern life is sadly also the central cause of most headaches.

Stress comes in many forms and types whether it’s from crazy traffic to a demanding job, from personal issues to financial problems and other unforeseen pressures of daily life.

Our body’s response to this stress results in nagging headaches


When the body does not get enough fluids it shows this through symptoms like dizziness, extreme thirst, and headaches.

A headache could easily be caused by even the mildest dehydration. 

Therefore it’s very important to drink enough water and other healthy fluids to prevent such headaches.

Poor posture

Poor posture is another common cause of headaches.

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Sitting poorly or carrying the head in a certain way causes tension in your upper back, neck, and shoulders, which can lead to a headache.

Posture-related headaches can easily be relieved by correcting bad posture.


Ever wondered why headaches are an essential part of hangovers?

That’s because of the alcohol. The contents of alcohol especially red wine and brandy can trigger migraines when consumed. Taking alcohol increases the chances of having a headache, especially when combined with other common causes.

Lack of sleep

Not getting sound or enough sleep is the last common reason behind headaches. This is because the body has not been fully rested after the previous day’s activities. With this being said, you might want to rethink binge-watching a movie or staying out late if you have an early morning the next day.

Stay healthy to stay happy

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