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Court Sentences IGP to Three Months Imprisonment.

Court Sentences IGP to Three Months Imprisonment.

This a fairly reminder that no one is above the law, even the law enforcement agents are subservient to the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria. Usman Baba, the Inspector General of Police, was sentenced to three months imprisonment for Flouting a 2011 court order.

According to the suit brought by Patrick Okoli, a police officer, he was unlawfully retired from office, which is a breach of his right as a senior officer of the Nigerian police force from 1993 till date.

He was ordered to pay N10M to Mr. Patrick Okoli, as special and general damages as a remedy to the breach of his right.

Olajuwon said, “If at the end of the three months, the contemnor remains recalcitrant and still refuses to purge his contempt, he shall be committed for another period and until he purges his contempt.”

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This is proof, that laws are still being upheld in Nigeria, this will serve as a deterrence to law enforcement agents, that no matter their rank they too are not able to the law.

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