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Dubai royal’s ex-wife requests assistance from the UN in her custody battle

Dubai royal’s ex-wife requests assistance from the UN in her custody battle

According to her counsel, the former spouse of a member of Dubai’s royal family has requested assistance from the UN Human Rights Council.

They want the council to intervene and protect Zeynab Javadli and her kids by speaking with UAE authorities.

The motion asserts that Ms. Javadli has been subjected to abuse, harassment, and intimidation by government authorities during a contentious custody dispute with Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

His attorneys’ allegations that Ms. Javadli is an unfit mother have been rejected by Ms. Javadli.

The most recent instance to show how the royal family is divided is this one in Dubai.

The former international gymnast from Azerbaijan, age 31, is speaking from Dubai, where she has lived ever since she divorced Sheikh Saeed at the end of 2019. She stayed because she was afraid that if she went, she might never see her three little girls again.

For almost three years, she and her ex-husband have been at odds over who gets to raise the children.

The couple got married in 2015. They lived in Dubai, home to the ruling family and Sheikh Saeed, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s nephew.

In their appeal for the UN Human Rights Council’s involvement, her UK-based attorneys claim that she has been the target of intimidation tactics and that both her freedom of speech and mobility have been restricted.

The petition claims that when Dubai police broke into Ms. Javadli’s home two years ago, they assaulted and mistreated her, her children, and her parents. Ms. Javadli live-streamed the ceremony, which attracted interest from people all around the world. Her parents have since returned to Azerbaijan.

She asserts that arrest warrants, court summonses, and police raids on her home during the previous three years have all become common events in her life.

The 50-page essay makes the claims that Sheikh Saeed’s custody was granted improperly and that her case was not handled fairly.

It claims that Ms. Javadli was subjected to a “judicial process that was plainly unjust, prejudiced, and discriminating.” It asserts that the lone court decision in her favor was changed “without reasonable grounds” days after she was released.

Attorneys for Sheikh Saeed have argued in a Dubai courtroom that Ms. Javadli is an unfit mother who has failed to enroll her daughters in school, lives in an unsuitable area for the children, and has endangered the health of the youngest girl.

Ms. Javadli disputed the accusations in court and offered proof to the contrary.

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Her refusal to bring her children to school is a result of her standoff with Dubai officials and her concern that they would be snatched from her and never returned.

The school has invited her to attend a meeting to talk about the issue.

Sheikh Saeed’s custody of the children is expected to be enforced soon, even though she has filed another appeal against the judgment.

Zeynab Javadli’s account, according to a second individual familiar with Dubai’s legal system, fits the pattern of past cases involving ex-wives or other members of the ruling family.

Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s ex-wife, departed the United Arab Emirates in 2019 and claimed she feared for her life. Early this year, the princess won exclusive custody of their two children after a custody hearing before the UK’s highest court.

The incredible tale of Princess Latifa, Sheikh Mohammed’s daughter, who bravely attempted to quit her family’s allegedly tyrannical authority in 2018 was followed by that.

The boat she was attempting to escape on was intercepted in the Indian Ocean, and she was forcibly brought back to Dubai. She then claimed that secret videos showed her in captivity. She has since made sporadic public appearances once more, claiming to be in good health and having a happy life.

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