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Flood claims three lives and ruins 1,453 homes in Bauchi

Flood claims three lives and ruins 1,453 homes in Bauchi

Dr. Ibrahim Kabir, the director-general of the environmental protection agency for the state of Bauchi, has verified that three people died as a result of flooding that destroyed 1,453 homes and a number of farms in the Zaki and Gamawa local government districts.

When Governor Bala Mohammed visited the affected communities on Saturday in Zaki LGA, Kabir briefed him on the situation.

In the two LGAs, 1,453 homes and undetermined amounts of farmland were damaged as a result of the heavy rain on Wednesday, according to an assessment of the damage done. Three people were also killed as a result of the damage.

He claimed that six locations along the route were shut off from the two LGAs’ connecting highways with nearby settlements and various areas of the state.

The communities require 14 canoes as palliative measures in order to cross the closed roads and conduct their regular business, he said.

To ensure their safety, Dr. Kabir recommended the communities to move to safer places.

Gov. Mohammed expressed his sympathy to the locals for the three fatalities and the loss of homes and farms in the two LGAs of Zaki and Gamawa

In order to combat the devasting impacts of the persistent flooding that affects communities throughout the state, he called for a coordinated effort.

Mohammed stated that the towns were exposed to the risks of flooding while assessing the extent of the damage brought on by the storm.

He mentioned that the state was keeping track of annual losses in terms of life and property.

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Mohammed praised the Federal Government and the World Bank for their involvement in other areas of infrastructure and development.

However, he urged the federal government to help the state find a long-term solution to the issue and to offer palliative care to the victims.

The governor gave the local governments of Zaki and Gamawa supplies for relief, including two trucks of corn, medications, and medical supplies.

In order for the government to take further action, he also instructed the SEMA to acquire 14 canoes right once and deliver them to the affected areas while also making an inventory of the flood damage.

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