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HealthPlus’s controlling ownership acquired by mPharma

HealthPlus’s controlling ownership acquired by mPharma

The majority ownership of HealthPlus, the top drugstore chain in Nigeria, has been acquired by mPharma, the foremost patient-centered technology-driven healthcare enterprise in Africa. A deal between mPharma and the previous investor, Alta Semper, will enable it to purchase the majority of the shares of the HealthPlus Group. 

Gregory Rockson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of mPharma claim that the acquisition is consistent with the company’s purpose to create a healthy Africa by providing patients with life-altering healthcare services and medications. He claimed that mPharma’s decision to purchase the HealthPlus Pharmacy chain is a natural extension of the company’s strong commitment to enhancing patient access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare in Nigeria. 

The acquisition will give mPharma opportunities for growth within Nigeria as well as a platform to expand its mutti pharmacy retail footprint across the continent through its rapidly expanding QualityRx program. mPharma still intends to maintain and strengthen HealthPlus as Nigeria’s top pharmacy brand. 

HealthPlus will give patients access to affordable primary care services within its pharmacies in addition to the affordable and high-quality medications it currently sells across 12 states in Nigeria. HealthPlus is powered by mPharma’s in-house Bloom software. 

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Additionally, the HealthPlus pharmacy network will include mutti®, mPharma’s health membership program, which will offer primary healthcare discounts to both current and potential customers as well as interest-free “heal-now-pay-later” options and free health tests. 

By integrating HealthPlus pharmacies with mPharma’s expanding network of partner mutti pharmacies and GoodHealth shops (PPMVs), the company’s network of healthcare facilities in Nigeria will increase from 224 to over 320, and it will be able to treat more than 100,000 Nigerians each month.

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