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I Defend More- Kroos Explains That He Misses Casemiro.

I Defend More- Kroos Explains That He Misses Casemiro.

Brazilian Legend, Toni Kroos, has revealed that there have been a lot of changes since Casemiro left, as he now defends more.

If we can recall, Casemiro left Real Madrid for Manchester United, during the summer. It came really as a shock to fans as Casemiro ditched the Champions League to join United.

According to him, he didn’t see Casemiro’s move coming, as he heard the rumors but chose not to believe it until Casemiro himself confirmed it, and that made him sad because he and Casemiro have created good memories together.

Speaking on the changes in his role since Casemiro’s departure, he revealed that he now defends a little more, but he loves it though.

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“I was surprised by Casemiro’s departure,” he said per the Mirror. “The rumors indeed started two days before, but here there are always many rumors, and many times nothing happens. But when he told me I was sad, because I began to remember all the years with him and the things we won together.”

“My role has changed a little with Aurelien arriving because he comes out of his position a little more than Case did,” Kroos added. “That forces me to defend a little more, but I also like it. It doesn’t change me too much, although maybe it’s a little more defensive.”

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