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Kaduna Train Attack: 68 days later

Kaduna Train Attack: 68 days later

It has been 68 days since unknown terrorists attacked and bombed an Ak-9 Kaduna bound train where nine individuals lost their lives and more than a hundred others were kidnapped. Leaving grieving and sorrowful families in its wake. the terrorists released a video one week after the abduction where the captives were shown in varying stages of pitying conditions. However, the men of the law have indicated that do not want cash, only stressing that they want their children held in captivity over the many raids that have happened in the country to be released. The terrorists have warned that immediate execution of the unfortunate hostages would commence if their conditions were not met.

This past month, the families of the abducted individuals have threatened to disturb the resumption of the Abuja –Kaduna train service by the NRC (Nigerian Railway Corporation) after it announced that the damaged part of the rail corridor had finished repairing.  They reiterated that until their loved ones (the Kidnapped victims) were rescued first and foremost and re-united with them, the resumption of the train service would be halted.

One of the relations Hassan Muhammed said in an interview “We are tired and we do not even know what else to say or do. The kidnappers spoke to us once and since then; we haven’t been contacted”. He further added that they (the families of the victims) were traumatized and that it was so shameful that a government whose duty to the citizens was to protect them was yet to do anything meaningful to get the abductees back.

Nonetheless, Muhammed disclosed that the Federal Ministry officials recently assured the heartbroken families and promised a potential rescue of the victims.

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“The silence of the Presidency is disturbing even though we trust in God to intervene” he finished.

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