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Legislators in Niger want gay relationships to be criminalized.

Legislators in Niger want gay relationships to be criminalized.

A group of Niger politicians has approved a resolution to criminalize same-sex partnerships in the country.

The vast majority of Niger’s population is Muslim, although the country has a secular government and no particular laws prohibiting same-sex unions.

According to the MPs, same-sex relationships violate people’s religious and cultural convictions.

Nana Djibou Harouna, a legislator from Maradi’s southern region, made the idea to the Speaker of Parliament.

She told a press conference in Niamey on Thursday that the decision was intended to defend the “rights and interests of the public.”

Mrs. Haruna regarded homosexuality as a “societal concern.”

She stated that they had conducted extensive surveys and that the plan had garnered support from both the Nigerian population and nearly all MPs.

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It is unclear when the issue will be debated formally in parliament. It’s also unclear what kind of penalty they want to be enshrined in the law.

The move comes only weeks after a Maradi court acquitted two young women of lesbian accusations because there was no specific legislation criminalizing same-sex relationships.

They were instead sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of sharing naked videos on social media in which they were purportedly engaged in a lesbian act.

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