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Mali airstrikes result in the deaths of dozens of militants.

Mali airstrikes result in the deaths of dozens of militants.

According to Malian authorities, 50 militants were killed in airstrikes in the Tessalit area of the northern Kidal province, according to ORTM, the national broadcaster.

The militant organizations’ positions were the target of the attacks.

“The results of our effective aerial operation were as follows: 50 terrorists were killed, five armored vehicles were burned, and 35 terrorist motorcycles were destroyed. I kindly ask the locals to continue their regular activities “The commander in charge of the Gao zone, Col. Ibrahim Samassa, said to the official media.

The airstrikes came a day after four Chadian troops were killed and two others were hurt when two improvised explosive devices struck a UN peacekeeping vehicle.

The army has been battling terrorist organizations in central and northern Mali with the assistance of Russian mercenaries and local militia groups.

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Since the withdrawal of French forces in August, militants from the so-called Sahel Province of the Islamic State have boosted their presence in northern Mali.

Since Russian mercenaries were sent to Mali in December of last year, the Malian military has boosted operations.

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