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Mendy Could Have Gotten Up to Save the Ball.

Mendy Could Have Gotten Up to Save the Ball.

It seems a lot of people still have a lot to say about Chelsea’s last match with West Ham United. David Seaman, Arsenal legend has berated Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Mendy Edouard for acting too soft when West Ham’s equalizer was canceled.

If we can recall, Chelsea’s match with West Ham sparked a lot of controversies, as the Blues won the game on a 2-1 win. Many people believe that the game would have ended in a draw if West Ham’s second goal was not disqualified. According to VAR, Bowen had fouled Mendy.

Seaman seems to be skeptical about Mendy’s action, as he believes this would have never occurred during his time.

According to him, Mendy could have gotten up straightaway, since he didn’t break any part of his body and try to save the ball, he can then proceed to get treatment since he saw an opposing player with the ball

“He [Edouard Mendy] can see the ball is not clear, so when I used to play, you would get up straight away,” He said on the Seaman Says podcast.

“The only thing that would stop you from getting up would be if your arm was broken or if your shoulder was out. If not, get up and try and save it.

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“I think it is a bit soft. Get up and try and stop the ball with anything and then go and get treatment. He could see easily that the ball was not clear and had gone to an opposing player.” 

While West Ham’s equalizer that was canceled felt like cheating to others. Thomas Tuchel came out to say that the VAR officials did the right thing. 

Do you think it was right to have disqualified West Ham’s equalizer?

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