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Microsoft to educate five million Nigerians – Minister

Microsoft to educate five million Nigerians – Minister

The government of Nigeria has a contract with Microsoft, a major US technology company, to teach five million individuals in digital technology.

According to Isa Ali Pantami, minister of communication and digital economy, the accord would promote “job creation and economic development.”

The effort is “wonderful and also quite enormous,” according to Prof. Pantami. He predicted that it would begin right away and last for five years.

The agreement was inked on Wednesday outside of an IT expo in Dubai, and a Microsoft representative stated that the business was ready to collaborate with the Nigerian government to create “economic prospects” for youth.

The initiative has been the subject of discussions between Microsoft and the government for more than a year.

Nigeria has the largest economy and is the most populous nation in Africa.

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More than 200 million people live there, most of whom are young. However, unemployment is rampant and the educational system is having trouble. The administration claims that it is attempting to shift the economy toward a digital focus.

An “enabling environment” for Microsoft and other businesses to operate in Nigeria will continue to be provided by Nigeria, according to Prof. Pantami, by making sure that regulatory policies are “progressive and flexible.”

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