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Mottainai and the Oyo government will create small recycling centers.

Mottainai and the Oyo government will create small recycling centers.

The Oyo State Solid Trash Management Consultant, Mottainai Recycling Ltd., claims it is trying to establish small recycling centers throughout the state to raise awareness of waste problems and solutions.

This was announced by its managing director, Mr. Adey Adewuyi, in a statement released on Monday in Ibadan.

This will encourage waste as a precious currency for social welfare and economic inclusion, according to Adewuyi.

He stated that one of the test locations is Oja Anajeere, Academy Market in Ibadan and that the recycling centers would inspire locals to develop the habit of recycling and turn their trash into riches.

He recalled that in Ibadan, Mottainai Recycling Ltd. had conducted the first state-wide clean-up operation in observance of World Clean-up Day 2022. Over 5,170 kilograms of plastic and 1,100 kilograms of cartons were recovered during the operation.

The cleanup operation, the first of its kind in Oyo State, “promoted sensitization and awareness among the general public on how a waste-free environment can maximize sales, prevent the spread of diseases, foster good health practices, and ultimately generate wealth at Oja Anajere, Academy Community Market, at Iwo road,” he said.

The project, according to Adewuyi, was formed out of a desire to keep the state clean.

He claims that since trash management is a shared obligation, this will help individuals adopt healthier environmental lifestyle modifications.

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He stated that this is a step in the direction of changing the trajectory of sustainable waste management methods in Oyo state.

This made it necessary to launch “Recyclables for Reward,” where users received immediate compensation for recyclable materials like PET, plastic, and cartons.

The “Recyclables for Rewards Raffle Draw,” which was the event’s high point, saw Mrs. Oguntade Nofisat, a thrift store vendor in the market, take home the top prize of a piece of land.

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