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Oluwo Applauds Adeleke Over LG Autonomy

Oluwo Applauds Adeleke Over LG Autonomy

Senator Adeleke Ademola, Who was recently sworn in as Osun state Governor, has been making serious changes in Osun State, and the citizens can’t help but applaud him for his wise decisions.

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed has praised the decision of Governor Adeleke to grant Local Government in the state Autonomy. He also praised him for taking cognizance of the traditional leaders by opening the state’s account book to them. 

According to him, Governor Adeleke has proved that he is not running an authoritative Government, as recognizing the importance of traditional leaders is a good way to start his tenure.

He also said that granting autonomy to local government will bring the Government closer to the people, and also people at the grassroots will get to enjoy every single benefit coming from the headquarters.

The statement further read in parts, “I don’t know where he got the wisdom of having a meeting with the traditional institution to commence his administration, but I know such must be a divine wisdom from God. He is starting on a good note in recognizing the traditional institution.

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“Equally, the governor deserves another commendation for his pledge to grant autonomy to local government administrations in Osun State.

“Doing such will repose the confidence in local government and extend dividends of democracy to the grassroots.”

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