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Reasons for the Increased Marriage Crises in Nigeria.

Reasons for the Increased Marriage Crises in Nigeria.

Amidst all the marriage crises in the Nigerian entertainment scene this year, what with Chacha Eke’s separation from her husband to Osinachi’s brutal death on account of her husband physically abusing her, a lot more people have begun to rethink the word marriage and what it means.

Below are some of the reasons given by a lawyer and various marriage counselors who are experts in their chosen profession. They break down the whys of marriage crashes happening in Nigeria as of late.

1. Incompatibility, desperation, and deceit

A Nigerian marriage counselor Angela Elueokafor has reported that many marriages of recent have been failing because of the incompatibility between both individuals. The marriage counselor stated that some women went into marriage because of their declining age. She also highlighted that it was this desperation that will sometimes make them question themselves. 

2. Pride, selfishness, and mistrust

The marriage expert also talked about pride being a contributing factor to marriage failures. 

“There will come a time and place where one person in the relationship should give way for the other party, but when the two partners are like two captains steering a ship, it will never work out. And this is the prevalent problem in marriages these days”. Ms. Angela Elueokafor confessed.

On the selfishness factor, the marriage counselor said that women should not be leaving all the responsibilities to the husband because of society tagging him as the man of the house, as times are very hard this day, and the wife is supposed to help out wherever she can. 

3. Psychological problem

4. When the wife is more successful than the husband

5. When a partner is not religious

The divorce rate in Nigeria

In an article by the Economist published in 2016, it was found that only 0.2% of men and 0.3% of women get divorced legally in the country, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. It was also discovered that only 1% of couples would admit to being separated.

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