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Sowore Steps Down to Step Up.

Sowore Steps Down to Step Up.

The unopposed presidential flag bearer of the AAC (African Action Congress) – Omoyele Sowore, has vacated the office of the AAC’s party national chairman. Explaining the motive behind this action, Sowore inferred that the party’s constitution was to be adhered to and that his move was in line with the party’s constitution.

Having easily secured the presidential ticket of the party, opinions have been aired in various parts of the country about Sowore’s ambition to become president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A woman in Enugu who refused to disclose her name explained that “Sowore’s bid to become president of this country is admirable but let’s face it – it is near impossible. At the very least, it is an uphill task taking into account the number of high and mighty folks he would have to beat to the game”.

Despite the odds facing him, Sowore has been very optimistic in his bid to attain the seat of the president of Nigeria. Speaking recently, he explained that “Other parties elected thieves as their presidential candidates; we elect our police that will catch them. We are young people who are digital-oriented…”

Speaking to news correspondents on the chances of Sowore becoming the next president of the country, some party members had a few things to say. One of the party members explained that “Sowore is not new to challenges and has proved over and over again that he will not be pushed aside. His ordeals in the hands of law enforcement agents and the Nigerian judicial system prove this. Sowore is undoubtedly one of the few that can steer this nation on the right course and people just need to come to terms with this”.

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