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“You’re Not  In the Same Class with Messi” – Wayne Rooney.

“You’re Not  In the Same Class with Messi” – Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney, ex-Manchester United legendary player, has berated Mbappe for ill attitude and disrespectful behavior towards world legendary player and seven times Balon D’or winner, Lionel Messi.

If we can recall, in the game between Paris Saint Germain and Montpelier last weekend, Mbappe was seen talking rudely to Neymar, about who would take the penalty after he missed one, that was not all, As he rudely pushed Messi on the field for not passing the ball to him. Many fans were so annoyed by his rude attitude towards his seniors. Mbappe’s mum later came out to say that the issues have been resolved.

Rooney who is still displeased at Mbappe’s actions condemned his actions, and reminded him that he’s is no class with Messi, as Messi had made world record when he was 23,  Mbappe himself hasn’t won any Balon D’or yet he exudes so many negative vibes to someone who has won 4 Balon D’or awards while he was his age.

“A 23-year-old player commits to pushing Messi,” he told Depar Sports, according to Marca.

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“I have never seen a bigger ego in my life.

“Someone should remind Mbappe that when Messi was 23, he had already won four Balon d’Ors,” he said.

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