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2023 Elections: What can Jimi Agbaje do to end Tinubu’s dominance in Lagos state?

2023 Elections: What can Jimi Agbaje do to end Tinubu’s dominance in Lagos state?

With signs that the 2023 Lagos State governorship race is rapidly approaching, the Peoples Democratic Party has begun planning on how to end Tinubu’s control of the state. With this, here are three moves Jimi Agbaje might make in the run-up to the 2023 gubernatorial race in Lagos.

In the 2019 Lagos state gubernatorial election, Jimi Agbaje was the Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship candidate. He is one of the influential PDP members in Lagos State who has been putting all of his efforts into ensuring that the Peoples Democratic Party obtains power from the All Progressive Congress.

Given that Asiwaju Tinubu has created a strong political organization in practically all of Lagos state’s wards, it would be a foolish move for the PDP to enter the race without a well-thought-out strategy. With this in mind, Jimi Agbaje’s choice to make these three moves will be prudent.

  1. Jimi Agbaje’s first action should be to start courting certain hardline APC members who have been instrumental in the party’s success in Lagos state to join the PDP. He’ll receive some ideas from them on how to plot and eliminate Tinubu’s dominance in Lagos state as a result of this.
  2. The second step Jimi Agbaje can take is to ensure that the PDP elders in Lagos state get their house in order by reconciling all aggrieved PDP members ahead of the 2023 Lagos state governorship election, so that the party can work as a unit rather than having a divided house that will cause the party to lose in 2023.
  3. Finally, given his inability to beat the APC in the 2015 and 2019 Lagos state governorship elections, Jimi Agbaje should abandon his governorship ambitions and back a young, vibrant PDP member who would be acceptable to the people of Lagos.

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