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2023 Presidency: Is defection to APGA Peter Obi’s only realistic option?

2023 Presidency: Is defection to APGA Peter Obi’s only realistic option?

For some time, permutations had previously indicated that former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi, of the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), could be a front-runner to become the flagbearer for the party in the next presidential race.

Due to his excellent record in public and private service and the support of Igbo leaders, who have stood by him in this quest, they have been relentless in their demand that it is time to finally lift that part out of the country’s political isolation.

Despite the widespread support for Obi, particularly among the younger generation, his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, does not want him to be the party’s presidential candidate. The party has allocated its presidential ticket to the North, essentially ruling out the possibility of his running for President in 2023.

The power structure of the PDP has said that the fact that Northern Nigeria has the most voting population in Nigeria is why they’ve allocated their presidential ticket to the North. Therefore, the party must rely on the region’s constituents in the North to convey its image over the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Ignoring the need for an Igbo president has put them behind the curve.

If Peter Obi chooses to stay with the PDP, he may not be able to run for President again until 2031, when his popularity may have dwindled. Furthermore, there is no assurance that PDP would not ignore him again, as it is now doing.

As a result, he must move quickly to preserve his presidential campaign. This essay will outline two options for him to salvage his candidacy:

  • Organize the South-East Caucus to Support the Igbo Presidency Project: One of the reasons the South-East has been neglected is easily appeased. Peter Obi must remain focused on his goal, and to that end, he should advocate for the South-East caucus in the PDP to maintain their resolve. To support his campaign, residents in PDP zones must advocate having PDP ticketed to the area. After all, the PDP has had a stronghold in the South-East since 1999, and now is the time for the party to repay its supporters. The area voted for the PDP even after the party lost the presidential election in 2015. This dedication should be rewarded.
  • Go back to his political roots: Peter Obi’s political journey began with the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). In fact, with that party, he rose to prominence in 2006, when he was elected Governor of Anambra State. As an alternative, he may return to the party. This will allow him to reconcile with his old partner Willie Obiano, and the two of them can create a winning squad. Fortunately, the party has yet to choose a presidential candidate, so that the former Governor will face little competition
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