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30 militants were killed in a US air attack in Somalia.

30 militants were killed in a US air attack in Somalia.

According to the US military, a US air attack aiding government troops in Somalia killed approximately 30 Islamist al-Shabab militants.

The operation took place in the village of Galcad, roughly 260 kilometers (162 miles) northeast of Mogadishu’s capital.

The Somali army and al-Shabab insurgents have been fighting for control of the town in recent days.

According to the US Africa Command, the air strike came as the army was being attacked by more than 100 terrorists.

Earlier, after attacking a military base in Galcad, Islamists killed seven troops. According to Somalia’s Information Ministry, dozens of insurgents were slain.

Since 2006, Al-Shabab has been attacking Somalia’s central government, attempting to create an extremist Islamist regime. Despite being driven out of Mogadishu and other cities, it continues to strike military and civilian targets.

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Last Monday, the government said that the army and local militias had captured Harardhere, a crucial al-Shabab supply center since 2010.

According to the US Africa Command’s report on the Galcad combat, three al-Shabab vehicles were destroyed, and “no civilians were harmed or killed,” according to the report. The information has not been independently verified.

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