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5:0? Mikel Arteta: It’s time to go!

5:0? Mikel Arteta: It’s time to go!

No matter how well you pamper the cracks in a building, they will eventually show and in a more disastrous form. And for Arsenal, disaster is just the right word to use to describe the current state of the team.

Fans all over the world have undergone years of pain and emotional torture, but never has it been this bad under the current administration led by Mikel Arteta.

In just 3 matches into the league, the team has conceded 9 goals and have not managed to score even 1! And yes, its zero points on the log that means the team is firmly rooted to the bottom of the table with a minus goal difference of -9!

All these stats looked unthinkable under previous managers, and even when they did not get this worse they were sacked, so fans are wondering why Arteta is getting a soft landing with the board and management.

To compound the misery for the fans, the team has spent around 150 million pounds in this transfer window alone, but the team has not improved one bit. It is still the same old mistakes that keep rearing its head week in week out.

The fans are truly tired, they have made their frustrations known in so many ways but the board remains resolute in their resolve to continue to back the manager. Right now, even for them, a terrible bashing like today in the hands of the current title holders Man City will raise questions in their minds.

The team needs a rejigging and fast, and so many are convinced it should start from the top; the manager and all those in charge of running the club. This is just too embarrassing for a team in the caliber of Arsenal. Their history and net worth humiliated consistently by opponents who now feel the team is a sitting duck that any team can tear into pieces.

A thrashing like today will lead to immediate sack in other clubs, but Arsenal fans know better than to get their hopes high, it will most likely not happen as the board has shown no desire to do the needful.

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If only for this one time they will heed the cries of the fans and get a new manager, it will restore their faith and trust and make them be able to love the club as they have been doing.

Italian coach Conte, who was successful in England when he was coach of Chelsea has been mooted to step in if Arteta is kicked out eventually, but only time will tell if the board will carry on with this young manager or ditch him for a more experienced manager.

For now, Arsenal fans are truly suffering, you just have to feel for them.

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