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6 Information You Should Never Share on Social Media

6 Information You Should Never Share on Social Media

Sometimes we comment and posts on social media without being aware of the threats or consequences of the post. There is some information that should never be disclosed on social media. This information exposes us to the risks of cyberbullying, hacking, and stealing personal information.

Provided below is a compilation of some of the common information we often disclose on social media without knowing the negative consequences it poses. We should be careful about sharing this information with the public next time:

1. Date of Birth

We usually share this information so that our friends will get notifications about our birthday celebration. However, sharing information about your date of birth can be quite risky. Since we normally use this information for our account recovery, password, or credit card pin, a scammer may easily get to you.

Therefore, we should avoid sharing our actual date of birth on social media. If you’re worried that your friends won’t get a notification on your birthday, you could easily send a message to them directly instead. And in doing that, only send to friends that you know and trust.

2. Private Conversation

From a general point of view, sharing private conversations on social media is not acceptable. However, we are fond of sharing private WhatsApp or Facebook message screenshots on social media, which is very wrong. The person involved in the private text may even sue you, he/she has that right!

Sharing private conversations risks damaging the image of the person involved. Every private conversation should be kept private and without a third party, perhaps the reason why it is termed “Private” in the first place. Posting screenshots of private messages even with the consent of the person involved is still a bad idea, as it may pass the wrong information depending on the person reading it.

3. Fake News

Sharing fake news on social media has been condemned by virtually everyone. Hence, we should verify a story from top sources before sharing it. Fake news, irrespective of the content, could cause chaos and conflicts.

Information, as popularly known, is power; it can do and undo. So no matter how tempting it feels to share fake news, try as much as possible to desist from it. You may even face the arm of the Law if caught in the act.

4. Insults and Abuses

In our private lives, we are fond of insulting other people around us. However, we should never try insulting someone on social media no matter how ‘mild’ you feel it is. Whether with your friends or stranger, try not to post abusive words.

Just like in any society, there are codes of conduct on social media that users must follow. This includes not insulting someone, raining abuses, or causing or ridiculing them. If someone hurts you, it’s best to avoid vengeance online.

5. Copyright Images

We should be careful about sharing images online. Before sharing, check if the image is protected by copyright. You should ask the owner for permission before sharing and by doing so, you’ll avoid complications.

Sharing copyright images can attract fines or even jail terms, as the case may be. However, there are some shareable images without copyright ownership. Notwithstanding, it’s best to be on the safer side – check for copyright before sharing or only sharing original images captured by you. 

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6. Medical or Biometric Information

Medical information is usually tagged as  “confidential information”, meaning it shouldn’t be revealed to third parties. Information about medical records, biometric information, and health information shouldn’t be posted on social media because it may cause stigmatization and breach of privacy.

If you are a medical practitioner, avoid sharing x-rays of your clients even as illustrations on social media. But if you must, try editing and removing the patient’s name, picture, and other personal information.

Which of the information above are you fond of sharing on social media?

What other information do you think shouldn’t be shared on social media?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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