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Acute Food Crisis in Nigeria Looms in Event of US-Russia Nuclear War

Acute Food Crisis in Nigeria Looms in Event of US-Russia Nuclear War

New reports have revealed that Nigerians and other citizens of third-world nations would be facing a serious food crisis in the event of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

The report published by Rutgers University researchers expressed concerns that the nuclear conflict would cause catastrophic disruptions in food supplies, in Nigeria and other third-world countries.

The study additionally revealed that even a smaller-scale nuclear war between Pakistan and India would disrupt food supplies, slash global production by 7 percent within five years and kill at least 2.5 billion people. It is further predicted that food insecurity in cases like these would be deadlier than nuclear blasts.

The researchers looked at how wind patterns could spread smoke and fire from nuclear attacks and cloudy skies above the main food exporters like the US and China.

“The lack of sunlight would collapse harvests and could lead to a 90 percent drop in animal, fishing, and crop yields worldwide within four years of a conflict between major nuclear powers,” the report disclosed.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine and Chinese military drills near Taiwan have renewed fears of nuclear conflict over the past couple of days.

China has conducted several drills around Taiwan after the recent trips by US lawmakers to the island, which Beijing claims as its territory. The instability in the Taiwan Strait is coming after experts have warned of Beijing accelerating a build-up of its nuclear arsenal.

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