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Afghanistan: NGOs Stop Work After Taliban ban on Women.

Afghanistan: NGOs Stop Work After Taliban ban on Women.

Due to the recent Taliban ban on Women, foreign aids group have decided to cease all operations in Afghanistan after women were ordered to stop working in all institutions.
According to these Foreign aids group, there’s no way they can carry out operations effectively without their female staff, so while they try to understand the situation they are suspending their programs with the request that men and women should be allowed to work equally.
“We cannot effectively reach children, women, and men in desperate need in Afghanistan without our female staff,” Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and CARE said in a joint statement.
“Whilst we gain clarity on this announcement, we are suspending our programs, demanding that men and women can equally continue our lifesaving assistance in Afghanistan.”
This latest ban comes barely after a week women were banned from attending universities, the reason being that women are no longer dressing appropriately so they’ve decided to deprive women of their basic rights, the ministry further threatened to seize the working license of any institutions which fails to stop women from working.
It is shocking to know that in this day and age, women are still being deprived of their rights, as it is the fundamental right of everyone to work and earn a living, denying women from going to universities is denying them from attaining good lives as education empowers persons. Women in Afghanistan are been deprived of their right to personal Liberty, this is the most archaic thing to hear in this day and age.
Considering Afghanistan’s poor economy this will only worsen the issue, as they’ll drive foreign investors away, and the country is heading toward ruins.

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