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Anglican Primate asks FG to address insecurity

Anglican Primate asks FG to address insecurity

Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, has urged security agencies to prevent the spread of firearms and illicit weapons in the hands of unauthorized people who pose a threat to national security.

Speaking at the 2022 Anglican Annual Abuja Diocesan Evangelism event, with the theme “Who art thou, O Mountain?,” derived from Zechariah 4 verse 7, Ndukuba said the current condition of insecurity in the country would worsen poverty levels and hardship on citizens if it were not quickly addressed.

He emphasized that the situation was reaching a point when obtaining guns for self-defense would be desirable for everyone.

The Anglican Primate stated that he still feels a solution is possible if all levels of government were to act decisively to address the current issue and bring about peace throughout the entire nation.

Despite all of the security and economic difficulties the country is currently facing, Ndukuba advised Christians to continue to pray fervently and said that there is still hope for a better Nigeria.

Additionally, he urged the Federal Government to address the nation’s inflation, fuel problem, educational system failure, and insecurity.

The Anglican Primate also urged Nigerians, regardless of their religious affiliation or tribal affiliation, to fully participate in the country’s electoral process for credible leaders to be elected in the general election of next year.

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Ndukuba emphasized to the audience that only with the engagement of all eligible voters could trustworthy leaders be chosen.

Right Reverend Aloysius Agbo, the Anglican Bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, warned Christians in his sermon not to let the country’s current state hinder the growth of evangelism and to treat everyone kindly, especially non-Christians.

According to Agbo, the church would keep looking for God’s face to experience change and economic expansion.

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