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APC N100m Form: An epitome of everything wrong with Nigerian politics

APC N100m Form: An epitome of everything wrong with Nigerian politics

The All Progressives Congress announced on Wednesday that the cost of its presidential nomination and expression of interest forms would be N100 million for each candidate, implying that a minimum wage earner would have to save his salary for 278 years before he could afford a N100 million presidential form. Many individuals were enraged as a result of this. They took to social media to accuse the party of fostering corruption and barring competent Nigerians from politics in favor of a tiny handful of influential individuals.

Enraged by what he saw as an unreasonable fee, Adamu Garba, an APC ticket aspirant, called for a united effort to rescue the country from the hands of the oligarchs.

Adamu Garba

To put things in perspective, keep in mind that this is merely money to “buy form,” and it does not guarantee that the interested individuals will win primaries or selection in the APC. Even if they win the party primaries or selection, it does not guarantee that they will win the general election.

Someone who wants to be governor of his state must spend N50 million to purchase an APC form. After the purchase, the candidate must “lobby” party elders and delegates who will vote in the primaries. That “lobbying” is mainly simply money being delivered to these party stalwarts who select who the final victor of the primaries will be.

So, after purchasing the form, he will need to get further funds in order to “purchase” delegates. And it’s not “urgent 2K” they want; it’s millions!

Politics is costly all around the globe. Even in the United States, if you look at the economy and lifestyle of life there, as well as how they collect money via genuine, lawful contributions, you will see that our elections are too costly for a poor country.

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Politics must be de-monetised and political office must be de-commercialised. Because as long as it costs so much money to conduct a successful campaign and hold a political position, individuals will continue to steal in order to repay the loan and the money they spent.

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