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As Kwara APC Crisis deepens, PDP still playing the waiting game

As Kwara APC Crisis deepens, PDP still playing the waiting game

There has been accusations and counter accusations between the two heavy weights in Kwara APC. The Governor in a recent interview made scathing remarks about the Minister of Information; Lai Mohammed, and as expected he (Lai) has responded in kind with a dose of his own venom, where he referred to the present Governor as a troubled soul who is not fit to hold public office.

Recall that few months ago, the Lai Mohammed’s faction of the APC opened their own parallel secretariat in the state capital, a clear signal and indication that the two had drawn the battle line. 

While one operates from the federal, the Governor holds sway back at home with an air of arrogance as he continues to rule with an iron fist, much to the dismay of those who trusted and voted him into office.

Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq 

While many have argued that it should not be business as usual, the party faithful’s did not expect a complete annihilation from the scheme of things as they are currently witnessing with this first term governor. This made some of them to decamp to the Lai Mohammed faction and gearing towards the main showdown come 2023.

While many are disappointed in the ruling party for allowing division to set in among their ranks, a lot are more disappointed with the main opposition party led by former senate president, Bukola Saraki, led PDP for not imposing themselves as a viable option going into the election period.

Bukola Saraki

Analyst were predicting a more strategic approach by the PDP to feast on the crisis within the APC to drive home their vision and plans for the state, but they have gone into hiding, watching from afar and doing nothing.

The APC won over the state from the PDP who had held sway for so many years by singing the “O To Ge” mantra for so long which finally convinced the people to vote against the Saraki dynasty and ushered in this APC led administration.

Have they forgotten so soon? Why are they behaving as if the state will be returned on a platter of gold? If they are not ready to fight for it, they can as well forget about 2023.

For now, the bickering continues as the two elephants continue to throw jabs at each other. Whether it will cost them the state still remains a long short but for now, no other party seems to be ready to step up to the plate.

The people will definitely vote come election time but who to vote for is still up in the air for grabs. 

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