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Commercial Plane Crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

Commercial Plane Crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

A commercial flight operated by Precision Air has crashed into Africa’s largest lake close to Bukoba airport Tanzania.

According to the airline, the passenger plane had crashed while attempting to land during stormy weather at the airport, 

Fifteen people have been rescued at the time of this report but it is still unknown how many passengers were on board the flight or if any fatalities had occurred, the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation -TBC reported.

Meanwhile, Tanzania’s President had taken to social media to ask for calm while rescuers check for survivors at the site of a downed plane.

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Video footage and images circulating on social media have shown that the plane had almost fully submerged, leaving only its green and brown-colored tail visible above the water line of Lake Victoria.

Rescue boats have already been deployed and emergency workers will keep rescuing other passengers trapped in the plane.

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