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Controversial Actress Tonto Dike Dishes Out Relationship Advise

Controversial Actress Tonto Dike Dishes Out Relationship Advise

Controversial Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has just recently given her take on the importance of love as she motivates the broken-hearted to go out and find love again. The actress and mother of one have told her fans and followers in Nigeria on Instagram, not to be dissuaded by her unsuccessful love story or that of others, disclosing that a poor choice should not be the determining factor in the decisions they might choose to take.

Tonto Dikeh also confirmed that they were millions of beautiful, incredible love stories that one could use as a motivation, but that however, the presence of sadness shows the negative aspect of love. Nonetheless, Tonto Dikeh has praised love as a whole and wants everybody to not give up on it no matter the situation.

She wrote on her official Instagram page: 

“Don’t let my miserable failed love story or the failure of others’ love story deter you from believing you can’t make it. Don’t Let Other’s Poor choices determine your LIFE/BELIEFS”

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It should be remembered that Tonto Dikeh and Stan Nze who is just newly married, got many fans conspiring on social media after making a star-studded appearance in a couple’s outfit. Many fans were quick to assert that the two stars looked very compatible over what would appear to be an outfit they were both modeling for a clothing brand.

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