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Correction of the Unfair Treatment of Teachers by some Private School Owners

Correction of the Unfair Treatment of Teachers by some Private School Owners

The falling standards of public education system in Nigeria has left some parents with no other choice than sending their children to private schools to acquire adequate knowledge, so as to meet up with the ever-changing world and the 21st century educational standards. This has made educational establishment a lucrative venture for some individuals as school private school owners. 

In spite of the huge profits the individuals make from these ventures , it is highly worrisome to see the deficiencies, decadence, maladministration and unfair treatment of teachers by private school owners in the human resources management in their various schools. As most of the private school teachers work round the clock to ensure that physical, mental and academic goal of the school is achieved by imparting adequate knowledge to the students, most of them are either underpaid, abused, molested and if paid well salaries are not paid timely to boost their morale for the tasking jobs they do every day of the week. It is extremely unfair as most private school teacher do their jobs with various complaints and grudges in mind for school owners, with no place to channel their complaint and are left with no choice but to accept whatever comes from the school as their only means of survival .

For private schools to provide qualitative and quantitative education in the country, the welfare of private school teachers must be put into reasonable consideration as a happy teacher is a productive teacher. 

The association of private school owners and the ministry of education should synergize to ensure that school owners are sensitized on human resources management  to motivate their teachers in performing optimally by providing incentives and welfare packages for their teachers. 

The bodies as a matter of urgency should set up a committee to take into cognizance the complaints of private school teachers, and when cases of abuse, molestation or unpaid salaries come  up, proper investigation should be carried out and if found guilty, such school owners should be made to face disciplinary action in accordance to the Constitution provided by the bodies. 

The bodies should ensure  all private Schools are registered,  fully licensed and all registered private school teachers registered into the contributory pension scheme  known as trust fund for them to have a means of survival after retirement or leaving the teaching profession for other jobs. 

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It is a proven fact over the years that when an employee is treated rightly, such employee will be excited and motivated to do his/her job well, which will enhance optimal growth and profitablity in any organization.

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