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Deji Adeyanju Declares that Peter Obi will Place Third in 2023 Elections

Deji Adeyanju Declares that Peter Obi will Place Third in 2023 Elections

Political commentator, Mr. Deji Adeyanju, had on Friday, said he was ready to place bets with OBIdients, the name of Peter Obi fans over the narrow chances of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate and flagbearer of the Labour Party, in the upcoming general elections.

The commentator has regularly condemned what he described as the prideful failure of the third-force presidential candidates to form an alliance ahead of the presidential elections.

Adeyanju had called for a strategic partnership between Rabiu Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Progressive Party, and Peter Obi of the Labour Party.

He opined that only their coming together would help them displace the two dominant parties in the country.

According to him, success in elections depends on intimidating political structures which both third-force political parties lack.

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In a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, Deji opined that Peter Obi would be coming a distant third given his lack of political ambition to triumph at the polls.

In his tweet, he said: “Willing to bet $10k with any Obedient in Nigeria or in a diaspora that Obi will come distant 3rd in February. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s find someone we can deposit the money with now so you don’t change your mind later.”

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