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Don’t Sell Pique- Puyol warns Xavi

Don’t Sell Pique- Puyol warns Xavi

A new la Liga season is approaching in the world of football, clubs are either selling or buying players. Carles Puyo advised the head coach of Barca Hernadez Xavi not to get rid of Gerrald Pique from the team, according to him pique is an exceptional and experienced defender, and the likes of Kounde and Christensen cannot match his expertise on the field.

He described Gerrald as a very competitive player, who can play against all odds not minding the problems at hand, and said that it will be a grave mistake and loss to the club if they decide to sell him off. 

He further went on to praise Pique’s fantastic performance last year, and described him as of the best players at the club, and that only very few people can match up to his level of performance.

“However, he appears set to stay and Puyol says: “I’ve been lucky enough to share the dressing room with so many players and Gerard is, without a doubt, one of the most competitive.

“Last year he was one of the best players at the club, and played a lot of games in a lot of discomforts, forcing himself through problems to help the team.”

“If he’s at 100 percent next year, there are very few defenders in the world who can match his level of performance.

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“This team is getting stronger and this competition will improve everybody. It’s a positive for the team.”

Carles Puyo

Clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool are not letting some special players go, Bukayo Saka’s contract was renewed for him not to leave Arsenal. Jurgen Klopp has refused to sell off Roberto firmino.

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