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Edo Train Attack, One Victim Escapes, Suspect Nabbed.

Edo Train Attack, One Victim Escapes, Suspect Nabbed.

Still on the Edo train attack, where 32 persons were Kidnapped at the Igueben train station.
Hon Chris Nehikhare, the Edo state Commissioner for Information and Orientation revealed that one of the suspects involved in the kidnapped of 32 persons in the Edo train attack has been arrested. He gave this information in a press conference.on Sunday
According to him, The relevant security agencies in Edo state, immediately went into action, after the incident at the Igueben train station, where 32 persons were kidnapped by Hoodlums, they searched different bushes and corners around the area, and of the kidnapped victims managed to escape.
Philip Shaibu, the Edo state Deputy Governor visited the scene of the incident and was informed that one of the suspects has been apprehended, and had been a useful tool in helping the police locate the hideout of the rest criminals.
He also praised and congratulated all the relevant security agencies, inclusive of the local hunters and the Vigilantes who all teamed up and swung into action immediately after the incident happened, their zeal led to the arrest of one of the Suspects.
He further said that he hopes such an incident never happens again, and also sympathized with the families of the Kidnapped victims assuring them that all Security agencies are in a room to see that victims are rescued from the clutches of these hoodlums.
“He said, “After 32 persons were kidnapped, the Police, vigilante, and local hunters swung into action, combing the bushes around the vicinity. One of the kidnapped victims was able to escape.”
Nehikhare noted, “The Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu visited the scene of the attack for on-the-spot assessment and was told that one of the suspects was arrested and he had been helping the police with the investigation to arrest other fleeing members of the kidnapping gang.
“We congratulate the Police and other security agencies for their swiftness in attending to the security brief. We appreciate the local hunters and members of the Edo State Security Network as their collaboration assisted in this operation. This synergy led to the success recorded in a very short time.”
“We hope this is the last time we will have such an attack on government infrastructure, especially train stations here in Edo State. Our security network was swift to react to the incident and we condole the families of the victims. We will give necessary support to the security agencies, vigilantes, and local hunters who are on the trail of these kidnappers,” he added.
The new issue of Hoodlums going to train stations to kidnap people is alarming, this is a call that all state governments should mount enough Security agents in every station, the train which is regarded as the safest means of transport is no longer safe since these hoodlums decided on using capitalizing on the opportunity to kidnap victims and demand for Ransom.
The Kaduna train attack still instills fear in everyone, considering the atrocities that were committed on that train by Hoodlums to unsuspecting victims. Since Hoodlums have decided to pass through that route to kidnapping citizens the government should step up its game in ensuring that such incidents don’t even occur, as it is embarrassing to hear of such things. Security cameras should be mounted in each train station in Nigeria, Security officers well equipped with arms should be stationed at the respective stations.

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