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Eight people to stand trial for the death of Maradona

Eight people to stand trial for the death of Maradona

A jury will decide on the sentencing of eight defendants to twenty-five years in prison for the death of football great Diego Maradona. 

The trial for Maradona’s death, which was allegedly caused by his medical staff, is scheduled to start in late 2023. 

The footballer passed away in November 2020 from heart failure after helping Argentina win the World Cup in 1986. 

According to reports, prosecutors are attempting to get eight medical personnel convicted of negligent homicide, as evidenced by an Argentine court decision that was made public on Wednesday. 

The prosecution alleges that during Maradona’s recuperation at home following surgery, his carers omitted important information, which led to his death in 2020. 

The 60-year-old Argentine football great passed away in 2020 after undergoing brain surgery to remove a blood clot. 

The renowned midfielder had a protracted fight with his health, which necessitated multiple trips to the hospital in the months preceding his terrible passing. 

He also had a serious cocaine and alcohol addiction that cost him years of his life. 

Leopoldo Luque, Nancy Forlini, Carlos Diaz, and Agustina Cosachov, among eight other medical professionals, have been informed that they are currently the subject of a formal inquiry on suspicion of a specific type of homicide. 

They are accused of doing actions that they knew could result in a fatality but did nothing to stop it. 

According to the prosecution, the great midfielder was put in a position of helplessness by the team’s poor management. 

According to Argentinian law, a conviction would result in a prison term of eight to twenty-five years, which is a significant increase over the one to five years they would have received if found guilty of the lower offense. 

The defendants, who were reportedly in charge of a series of improvisations, management errors, and deficiencies, were “the protagonists of an unprecedented, absolutely defective and reckless hospitalization at home,” according to the prosecutors. 

A separate charge of using a “doctored document” against Luque, who denies any involvement, stems from allegations that he used a fake Diego Maradona signature to request his medical records from a hospital. 

On November 25, 2020, the Argentine forward who became famous for his infamous “hand of God” goal against England passed away at his residence outside of Buenos Aires.

He passed away two weeks after having surgery to treat a brain bleed. 

Me Siento mal, which translates to “I don’t feel well” were his final words before he passed away. 

Maradona had breakfast with his nephew Johnny Esposito and informed him that he was going back to bed. 

Local accounts state that he was being treated at home by a nurse who subsequently summoned an ambulance, but he was not able to be rescued.

In memory of the star, who was a cultural institution and a national hero, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez proclaimed three days of national mourning.

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