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Ekweremadu: Court adjourned until December 16, daughter charged with parent

Ekweremadu: Court adjourned until December 16, daughter charged with parent

Ike Ekweremadu, the former Deputy Senate President, will continue to be held in custody at His Majesty’s Prison for at least another month before he has any possibility of being released.

This is because following Monday’s plea and trial preparation hearing at the Central Criminal Court – Old Bailey, the “conspiracy” case of charges to procure organs against him was moved to December 16.

Ekweremadu, who is accused together with his wife, Beatrice, their daughter, Sonia, and Dr. Obinna Obeta, was unable to make a video connection appearance before the conclusion of the quick hearing that began at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 6.

The court adjourned and rose after hearing from the Crown prosecutor and the defense, even though preparations were being made for him to appear virtually and the prison security officers were already setting up.

Sonia and her mother, on the other hand, were in the dock. The son of Ekweremadu, along with two of his friends, watched the trial of his parents and sister from the public gallery.

The senator’s longtime friend, who went by the name of Obum, and an official of the Nigerian High Commission both attended court.

However, the defense was required to provide their “skeleton” arguments to the court and the prosecution no later than November 25, per the hearing order.

By December 12, the prosecution must also provide a similar response. Depending on the outcome of the hearing on December 16, the matter will move forward to trial.

A lawyer, Chinedu A. Okoye, was questioned about the significance of the following session and whether it would be equally brief. He stated that the result depends on whether the matter gets to trial on January 31.

The case will be dismissed if the judge determines that the prosecution cannot get a conviction despite the defense’s strong arguments.

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He clarified the situation by stating: “This is a case of conspiracy” to enable “organ procurement. No harvesting commitments have been made. The offense has not actually been committed by them.

On December 16, when asked if a bail application would be forthcoming, Okoye revealed that the pre-trial custody will expire on December 22. To keep him behind bars for longer, the prosecution must reapply for authorization to extend his pre-trial custody.

Mrs. Ekweremadu and Sonia hurriedly exited the Old Bailey following the hearing, where they waited for well-wishers to meet them at the side entrance.

According to a source, Mrs. Ekweremadu is required under her bail to report to a “nearby police station” three times per week.

According to reports, Sonia was added to the case as a co-defendant on October 27. Okoye further stated that If the case goes to trial, it will be a jury trial and the court will need to find a judge who will take the case.

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