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Emefiele Plans to Return to the UK to Evade Arrest from DSS

Emefiele Plans to Return to the UK to Evade Arrest from DSS

The Governor of the central bank of Nigeria, Governor Godwin Emefiele, may have just concluded plans to go back to the United Kingdom over the developing threats of arrest and probe from the Department of State Services, DSS, despite the seeming reluctance by the Presidency to speak on the matter.

According to a source reporting to The Gazette, the chances of him returning to his home country, Nigeria, is impossible at the moment so the next move for him will be to file for asylum in the UK. 

“The UK is his first choice for asylum, but he has not ruled out the United States, either.”

Emefiele, who had left the country on December 26 for the United States, where he was current as of Friday morning has strong family ties to Britain and is the number one reason for pursuing asylum in the country. 

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Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has been under pressure from his associates to bar the arrest of Emefiele by the DSS.

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