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EU leaders disagree on how to address the energy crisis.

EU leaders disagree on how to address the energy crisis.

On Friday, disagreements between European Union leaders over national rescue plans and regulating gas prices reemerged, with Poland accusing Germany of “selfishness” in its reaction to a winter energy shortage brought on by Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Although they disagree on the specifics, the majority of EU governments have requested Brussels to restrict gas prices. While some capitals support a strict ceiling on all gas trades and import contracts, others prefer a more restrictive cap that solely applies to the power industry.

The cap is one of many ideas and plans put up by European nations to deal with the dwindling gas supplies from Russia, which once provided 40% of the continent’s demands, and skyrocketing prices. They are still significantly greater than they were at the beginning of September 2021, despite a decline from this year’s heights.

Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands are opposed to a cap because they believe it would make it harder for their economies to purchase the gas they require and lessen any motivation to cut consumption.

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Charles Michel, president of the European Council, who is also the summit’s chairman, said no conclusions were anticipated on Friday but expressed optimism that the leaders’ debate will result in an agreement when they next convene on October 20–21.

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