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Ex-justice minister of China gets imprisoned for corruption

Ex-justice minister of China gets imprisoned for corruption

Fu Zhenghua, a former justice minister of China who led multiple anti-corruption campaigns, was imprisoned for bribery.

In July, Fu entered a guilty plea to receive 117 million yuan ($14.7 million; $16.5 million) in gifts and cash for personal advantage.

He was given a death sentence on Thursday by a Changchun court, which will be reduced to life in prison after two years.

His sentence coincides with an abrupt crackdown on government figures before a crucial Communist Party meeting the following month.

Once every five years, the event is held by China’s ruling party, and this year, President Xi Jinping is anticipated to be elected to an unprecedented third term and solidify his grasp on power.

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Following this week’s sentencing of three further former provincial police heads, Fu was sentenced on Thursday. All four guys are charged with both corruption and Mr. Xi’s disloyalty.

They are all reported to have been a part of a political group run by Sun Lijun, another former security official. According to reports, Sun, who is presently awaiting sentencing, elevated other security system employees in order to form his political movement.

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