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Uganda reports six additional Ebola cases.

Uganda reports six additional Ebola cases.

Six additional Ebola cases have been confirmed by Uganda’s health ministry after the country’s epidemic was declared earlier this week.

The latest cases were discovered in the Mubende district in the city’s center, where a 24-year-old man died on Tuesday after exhibiting symptoms of the illness.

The authorities are also looking into whether Ebola played a role in the deaths of seven additional people, including a 1-year-old girl.

One of the six new cases came from a nearby district, according to reports.

Uganda has experienced three outbreaks of the Ebola Sudan strain.

A family that reported some of the cases was able to track down over 40 persons who got in touch with them. According to Kyobe Henry Bbosa, the incident management commander for the health ministry, eleven of them are in isolation.

Neighboring nations declared themselves to be on high alert in case the sickness crossed international borders.

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According to experts, compared to the Ebola Zaire strain, the Ebola Sudan strain historically had fewer rates of transmission, infections, and fatalities.

The people and the foreign world are still being reassured by Ugandan authorities that the pandemic can be controlled.

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