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Haaland Could Become one of the Best Players in the Premier League.

Haaland Could Become one of the Best Players in the Premier League.

Jamie Carragher, ex Liverpool legend has noted that there’s every possibility that Haaland might end up in the same position as Thierry Henry, one of the best premier league players.

Haaland has been super fantastic since he joined Man City from Borussia Dortmund, as he already has nine goals to his name in five league appearances for Manchester City,  and he has two hattricks against Crystal palace and Nottingham Forest.

According to Carragher, he is excited to watch Haaland play in Man City’s match against Aston Villa on Saturday, and also take a look at him both on and off the pitch.

He further said that he’s aware that they’ve got some super players in the premier league but Haaland himself is an unstoppable Force in the league. By the time he finishes his contract with Man City, he will be recognized as one of the best players in the Premier League just like Thierry Henry.

“I’m doing the game on Saturday at Villa Park, Aston Villa vs Man City. I’m excited to watch any game but to watch him [Haaland] in the flesh and commentate on him for the first time and really get a good look at him off the ball as well. I’m really excited to watch him.”

“We know we’ve got a great player in the league but I think we’ve got something really, really special.

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“When he’s finished his time at Manchester City or in the Premier League, we will be putting him alongside Thierry Henry,” Carragher said.

If we can recall, Prep Guardiola, Man City head coach, once described Haaland as an unstoppable Force, even Grealish Manchester City Midfielder once said that Haaland is an incredible player who he will love to share the pitch with. Rio Ferdinard also berated Arsenal fans for comparing Gabriel Jesus with Haaland, as he stated that Jesus is not in the same class as Haaland.

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