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How To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed.

How To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed.

Social media users and online shoppers have suffered quite a several times to the menace of scammers, whether a lot of money or a small bucks, it’s quite painful either way.

Most people are always perplexed about what to do after being scammed. So today, we will like to share with you steps on action to take when an online service or goods you paid for is ghosting you:

1. Get a screenshot of all the previous chats you had on social media with the scammer.

2. Write out the scammers’ Full name and account number.

3. Search for the last notification from your bank after you made the payment (either via mobile app, email, or text message) and get the transaction ID.

4. Visit any branch of the bank the scammer used, and meet the customer service operator in charge of fraudulent activities.

5. If possible, print out all the messages and chats you had with the scammer and submit them as evidence. Then send an email to the scammer’s bank and copy the CBN FRAUD DESK (, to encourage the bank into taking swift action.

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What then will happen next?

The scammer’s account would be placed on hold (freezed), meaning he or she (the scammer) wouldn’t be able to withdraw or transfer until they contact the bank. And when they do, the bank will immediately contact the police and an investigation would be done. If proven guilty, the scammer will sign a waiver and the bank will refund your money.

Have you ever been scammed online before? If yes, What did you do?

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