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Ifeanyi Alumona: The First African to Clinch the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens

Ifeanyi Alumona: The First African to Clinch the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari has hailed Noel Ifeanyi Alumona, the current Nigerian in the spotlight, for winning the 2022 AFS award for Young Global Citizens. Buhari had released a statement through his Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity praising the young lad for his outstanding character plus the global recognition he had afforded his country, through his brilliant work.

Alumona who is currently studying Special Education at Vanderbilt University, in the United States is the first African to win the volunteer prize since it commenced in 1914.

He had won the award at the International Youth Day which the United Nations Global Communications Department, the AFS Intercultural Programs, and the Youth Assembly had prepared and organized.

Alumona had won the sum of $10,000, which is the cash price, in recognition of his successful campaign to stop violence against women and girls through a good orientation of boys on responsible behavior.

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Noel Alumona hails from Enugu state, in South-East Nigeria. Alumona had formed the Boys Champion Foundation which trained boys to become responsible as the solution to end violence against girls and women.

Alumona formed the foundation on October 1 2018 after meeting with US former President Barack Obama in Johannesburg. Alumona had attested that that meeting with the former US president had changed his view on the world and he had gotten the indescribable zeal to make a positive impact in his community afterward.

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