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Instagram to Use Video Selfies as a Test Tool to Verify Age of Teenagers

Instagram to Use Video Selfies as a Test Tool to Verify Age of Teenagers

Instagram is currently looking for latest ways for teenagers to confirm their age and obey the app’s rules. The video and picture sharing, Meta-owned app is testing video selfies with a software that specializes on facial analysis as a new verification method to confirm its users age. The announcement was made to catch certain users on the platform trying to by-go the 13+ age rating rule by falsifying their date of birth to make them appear to be more than 18 years of age.

But teens residing in the States trying this trick will now be given three options to choose in order to verify their age:

•    upload ID, 

•    ask three adult users to vouch for them or 

•    take a video selfie.

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Meta has announced that it hopes the latest methods will see to it that teenagers would have an appropriate experience according to their experience on Instagram. The tech company has earlier on faced constant backlash over teenage and child safety on its apps, including Facebook. Video selfies have become a popular way for digital platforms – such as Online banking apps have been using video selfies in the country to confirm their users’ age and identity.

Instagram now uses video selfies as one of the ways, Instagrammers can confirm their identities if they get locked out of their various accounts.

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