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Iran protest: Iranian state-run live TV has been hacked

Iran protest: Iranian state-run live TV has been hacked

On Saturday, a protest against the president of the country reportedly cut off a newscast on Iran’s state-run television.

Then, on the screen, appeared a mask and a photograph of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who was engulfed in flames.

The group was known as Ali’s Justice or Adalat Ali.

After Mahsa Amini’s death, there had been additional disturbance, and there had been fighting between demonstrators and security personnel that led to at least three individuals being shot   dead.

Ms. Amini was detained by Tehran’s morality police for allegedly not covering her hair sufficiently. On September 16, three days after being arrested, the 22-year-old Iranian Kurd passed away in custody.

Her passing had sparked a nationwide wave of protests that had never before occurred.

On Saturday at about 21:00 local time (17:30 GMT), pictures of Ms. Amini and three other women killed in recent protests were broadcast with a picture of Iran’s supreme leader with a target on his head.

“Our youths’ blood is running down your paws” was one of the captions, and “join us and stand up” was another.

After barely a little while, the interruption came to an abrupt conclusion.

Such acts of resistance against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have historically been rare because he effectively controls the whole country of Iran. However, after the passing of Ms. Amini, there has been some overt unhappiness.

Also on Saturday, video on social media purported to show female students chanting “get lost” while President Ebrahim Raisi visited on campus at a university in Tehran.

A man was shot in his automobile for blaring his horn in favor of protestors, and two people were killed in Sanandaj earlier that day. In another YouTube video, a woman from Mashhad who had been shot in the neck was seen lying on the ground.

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State-run news agency IRNA quoted a police official in Sanandaj as saying that “counter-revolutionaries” were responsible for an assassination of a man.

In contrast to what her family and protesters claim, Ms. Amini’s death was caused by multiple organ failure brought on by cerebral hypoxia, according to Iran’s Forensic Medicine Organization.

More than 150 people have died as a result of the protests in the Islamic Republic since they began on September 17, according to rights organizations.

Several places, including Tehran’s bazaar, where some protestors set fire to a police kiosk and chased away the security forces, have seen businesses close in support of the protesters.

Iran’s officials, who regard the traders as supporters, would be concerned that the protests had expanded to the bazaar in Tehran.

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